Monday, August 13, 2012

8 More Negative Thinking to Avoid at Work

8 More Negative Thinking to Avoid at Work

You behave and act according to what you think. It is essential that you avoid these negative thoughts because it will jeopardize your career outlook.

1.       I have not enough time: It is your job to plan ahead and get organized for your daily tasks to be completed in a timely fashion.  The key is to aim for productivity. If the work is really overwhelmed, you need to discuss with your superior. However, you have to show him or her what you have done in order to justify your case.

2.       I am not appreciated: Do self-promotion. Do not work unnoticed. Show your boss what you have done and how you have overcome problems. Get the attention of your boss and be appreciated. 

3.       I think more of money: Focus on the money will not earn you more money. Concentrate on the job and perform better will get you appreciated, promoted and rewarded with more money.

4.       I want to change job: Do not think that when you change to a new job, all your problems will disappear. It could be worse.  Change yourself by changing your thinking about your job. Look at it from a fresh perspective. The situation is not as bad as you think.

5.       I am affected by negative business environment: Look at the bright side of things and see how you can contribute to reduce expenses or improve turnover in a business downturn. Do something. It is better than inaction.   

6.       I want to know what others have to say about my work: Do what you think is right, seek personal improvement and be self-motivated. There is no need to get approval from others or allow negative criticism to discourage your good work.

7.       I can only do what I can do: To make progress in life is to stretch your comfort zone. Making changes or doing something new is the way to move ahead. Even if you make mistakes, you will still gain valuable experience.  

8.       It‘s not my fault: Instead of pointing fingers, look for a solution to the problem. You work to get things done. Be creative to overcome obstacles. You don’t work for the company, you work for yourself. You add more value to yourself as a solution provider. You thereby transform your personal brand.   

The way to move forward is to think of possibilities, work with confidence and look for solutions creatively. 

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