Thursday, August 30, 2012

30 Preventive Healthy Habits – A Checklist

30 Preventive Healthy Habits – A Checklist

When you have to visit your family physician it is usually a sign that you have not had enough preventive healthy habits. Stay away from your doctor by adopting these preventive healthy habits:  As a baby boomer I sustain my well-being by following these healthy habits too. 

1.      Early to bed, early to rise and sleep well.

2.      Drink water throughout the day to stay hydrated.

3.      Do Tai Chi in the morning to start a new day fresh and calm to fortify your sanity.

4.      Look after your heart.

5.      Daily  physical exercise such as jogging

6.      Annual  physical examinations

7.      Do not  smoke and avoid excessive alcohol consumption

8.      Choose happiness and be cheerful.

9.      Think positive thoughts

11.  Stress management: Live an orderly life, plan and organize your work in advance. Learn to relax like listening to classical music. 

12.  Connect with people you care about for mutual support.

13.  Drink green tea daily.

14.  Habit of writing dairy/journal: Express your thoughts; capture the daily goodness in writing.  

15.  Active lifestyle: Do not retire; let it be something to do and something to look forward to in life.

16.  Eat embryo rice instead of white rice especially for Asian people.

17.  Go for the great outdoors: Get fresh air and sunshine for vitamin D.

18.  Take a nap.

20.  Goals, direction and productivity: Goals are your purpose in life and a direction to go forward. Doing the right things gets you  satisfaction and fulfillment in life

21.  The learning habit: Maintain your alertness, keep your mind working and open yourself to changes.

22.  Financial freedom; Get peace of mind living within your means without getting into debt. 

23.  Harmony at home: Family comes first. Let happiness at home spread to other areas of your life.

24.  Problem solving: Get into the habit of looking for solutions instead of just dwelling on it 

25.  Attitude of gratitude: The keywords are forgiveness, kindness and love.

26.  Dental hygiene: Do daily brushing and flossing.

27.  Walk daily: Take the stairs instead of the lift. Park your car far away and walk more often.

28.  Get motivated: Read wise words of famous people in the morning.

You are welcome to add more ideas to expand the list.

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