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5 Ways to Help Overcome Heartache

5 Ways to Help Overcome Heartache

This is a guest post by Kelsey: 

At one point in any person’s life there will come heartache, whether it is brought on by a significant other or by experiencing tragic loss, heartache comes in all different shapes and sizes. Heartache can be devastating if you don’t know how to get through it, here are five ways to help you get through your heartache:

Talk and write it out: Believe it or not the more you talk and write about your pain the better it gets. As much as you don’t want to do these things, it will help heal you. Writing daily will help sort out your thoughts and work them out instead of keeping them bottled up. If you are able, consider seeing a counselor of some sort to discuss your pain. A third party that is a professional can help you understand why you are feeling badly and help you move on.

Exercise: You need to be able to express yourself physically and exercise is the best way to do that. You know that feeling of relief and satisfaction after a long run? Your heart craves that as well as your mental state. Even if your exercise is just a 30-minute walk outside, do it. You will feel better after.

Keep busy: The more down time you have the more you will think about your pain, so try to keep busy. Your down time should be filled with positive activities that will make you feel better. Consider starting a new hobby like crafting or something fun like belly dancing! Volunteering is also a great way for you to spend your down time productively.

Let it go: Letting go of your pain is easier said than done, it takes small steps to get there. Take each day as it comes and set small personal goals of getting over the pain. Wake up with a goal to keep busy and positive, and then end the day with praising yourself for a job well done. Remember, you are the only one that is in charge of the pain you feel. It is up to YOU, whether or not you want to feel happy or sad.

Keep positive: Force yourself to smile and keep happy thoughts. A good way to remain positive is to surround yourself with positive things. Only spend time with friends and family that support you and keep you in a positive mindset. Try writing down some of your favorite motivational quotes and placing them around your home and work. Reading this over and over again will be a positive and constant reminder.
There is no time table at when the heart ache will pass or no medicine you can take that will cure it. The best thing to do is to move forward, keep busy, surround yourself with positivity and move forward. Remember there is always a light at the end of the tunnel and that this too shall pass. Hang in there and smile!

Author Byline:
Kelsey is the Editor-in-Chief for Findananny. She loves to write article and ideas that parents & nannies would be interested in hearing. She helps society on giving information about nannies through online nanny finder. She is a professional writer & loves writing on anything.

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