Tuesday, August 7, 2012

10 Powerful Articles from the World’s Most Influential Business Magazines

Business magazines are not just about business. We can learn useful and inspirng lessons to cope with life’s pressing issues more effectively. Here are 10 such articles that I have found online:    


1.      Forbes: 10 Steps To Happiness At Work

Here’s a pop quiz for anyone who’s miserable at work. Which action has the biggest chance of improving your happiness? (A) Getting a promotion, (B) seeing your professional nemesis move to the Mongolia office, (C) focusing on the positive aspects of your job and trying to ignore the negative or (D) quitting in a fit of anger and landing your dream job elsewhere?


2.      Entrepreneur: How to Train Your Creative Mind

           As Louis Pasteur once famously said, "Chance favors only the prepared mind." To be an           innovative entrepreneur, you want to foster creativity in your daily life so that your mind is ready when opportunity arises.

1. Identify where you are stuck in your life. Take steps toward getting unstuck, even if it means pushing well beyond your comfort zone. Action is the only remedy for fear.
2. Develop your observing ego by stepping outside yourself and seeing who you are during the day. How do you come across to others? Do you like what you see? If you don't, modify your behavior.
3. Identify your biggest strengths and make sure you use those strengths in your profession. If you do, it's likely you have found your passion.

4.      Inc: 3 Beliefs That Create Success

To a large extent, your belief system determines your success. See which beliefs to cherish--& which you should avoid.

People decide whether to work with you within two seconds of meeting you. Here's how to make an impact.

Some people instantly make us feel important. Some people instantly make us feel special. Some people light up a room just by walking in.


In business, storytelling is all the rage. Without a compelling story, we are told, our product, idea, or personal brand, is dead on arrival. In his book,Tell to Win, Peter Guber joins writers like Annette Simmons and Stephen Denning in evangelizing for the power of story in human affairs generally, and business in particular. Guber argues that humans simply aren’t moved to action by “data dumps,” dense PowerPoint slides, or spreadsheets packed with figures. People are moved by emotion. The best way to emotionally connect other people to our agenda begins with “Once upon a time…”

8.      Kiplinger: 20 Ways to Waste Your Money

Whether a newbie or seasoned budgeter, nearly everyone has spending holes -- leaks in your budget that drain money with you hardly noticing.

9.      Businessweek: Cleaning Up Your Social Media Presence

Are you one of the 955 million users on Facebook (FB)? How about LinkedIn (LNKD), with over 160 million users? Do you tweet?

At his research clinic in Dallas, psychologist Jasper Smits is working on an unorthodox treatment for anxiety and mood disorders, including depression. It is not yet widely accepted, but his treatment is free and has no side effects. Compare that with antidepressant drugs, which cost Americans $10 billion each year and have many common side effects: sleep disturbances, nausea, tremors, changes in body weight.

This intriguing new treatment? It's nothing more than exercise.

Are you inspired by these articles?

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