Wednesday, October 31, 2007

The Role of Husband and Wife

According to Buddha, after a man and a woman get married, they should share joy and sorrow together. Husband and wife are the nucleus of a family. A harmonious marriage allows a family to be peaceful and prosperous.

To have a satisfactory marriage the husband must do the following to show love, respect and concern to the wife. He must:

1. Treat her politely
2. Praise her
3. Be faithful to her
4. Manage housekeeping with her
5. Give gifts to her

On the other hand the wife must reciprocate with love, respect and assistance. She needs to:

1. Manage housekeeping well
2. Treat his friends and relatives in a friendly manner
3. Be faithful to him
4. Manage his finance wisely
5. Work hard

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Net Worth

Do you know your net worth?
To put in simple term it means what you own (assets) less what you owe (liabilities). Let's take a look at the following example:



Current account 6,000.00
Savings account 500.00
Fixed deposit 15,000.00

Total Cash 21,500.00

Personal Assets

House 100,000.00
Car 40,000.00

Total Personal Assets 140,000.00


Shares 25,000.00
Unit Trusts 15,000.00

Total Investment 40,000.00

TOTAL ASSETS 201,500.00


Housing loan balance 50,000.00
Car loan balance 15,000.00


*NET WORTH 136,500.00


It would be a good idea to check your net worth at the end of every year.
Celebrate when your net worth is better than previous year. You are richer!

Monday, October 29, 2007


Time management is crucial in our daily life. The more effective in managing time in our daily business means the less tension and pressure we have. How do you apply "TIME" to good use in your career?

T - Total Commitment

When you are interested in your job you are committed totally. You find your job is a breeze most of the time. The clue is to cultivate interest in your job so that you are committed whole-heartedly.

I - Improvement

Have the habit of asking: Can I improve upon it? Can I do it in a better way in less time? Do not be complacent. If you do not improve, you will definitely fall behind.

M - Mistakes

We learn from mistakes. The only way to be better is to learn from our mistakes or better still learn from the mistakes of others. No pain no gain.

E - Evaluation

Set out to review on a regular basis to check your progress. Time spent on planning and reviewing is valuable. Spend a few minutes in a quiet corner on Sunday evening to ponder over the previous week. Have I spent time wisely? Have I done the most important things among all others? Have I learnt from the mistakes committed? Have I made improvement in my work?

Sunday, October 28, 2007

Kiwi Fruit

Do you know that kiwi fruit was originated in China? It was called gooseberry. About a hundred years ago it was brought to New Zealand and planted successfully there and was given the name "kiwi".

According to Paul Lachance of Rutgers University, kiwi fruits is the fruit with the most nutrients. It has more nutrients than papaya, mangoes, lemons, oranges, bananas and apples.

Friday, October 26, 2007

The Ten Secrets of Passing your Examination with Flying Colours

1. Pay attention in class. Otherwise you will not be able to learn and absorb the important pints mentioned by the teacher.
2. You must write down all pertinent points. By writing down it helps you to remember better and understand better during your revision.
3. When you are in class you must ask the teacher immediately if you don't understand or if you are in doubt so that you can get the correct answer.
4. Take initiative to discuss problems relating to homework or lessons with top students.
5. Make it a habit to complete the homework for the day.
6. In order to master the syllabus and the techniques of answering questions get reference books of high standard.
7. Have a timetable of your own and follow through all subjects in the timetable.
8. Revise more often those subjects that you are weak in.
9. Pay attention to your daily diet and have sufficient sleep. Keep fit by doing exercise so that your energy is at peak level.
10. Adopt a positive mental attitude to face problems in life. Have confidence in whatever you are doing.

Thursday, October 25, 2007

The Ten Golden Rules of Human Relations

Human Relations

1. Talk to the people around you. You acknowledge their presence and make them feel important by talking to them

2. Call people by name

3. Be humble. You can be accepted by people easily and you can learn a lot of ideas from them.

4. Make friend, be one.

5. Talk pleasantly of the other person's interest.

6. Sincerely interested in others by encouraging them to talk about themselves.

7. Praise more and criticize less.

8. Deliver your promises

9. Care and concern for others in your daily dealings with them

10. Smile at the people you meet.

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Family Values

Singaporeans share the following five family values:

Love, Care and Concern
Mutual Respect
Filial Responsibility

Love, Care and Concern

When family members show mutual affection, attention and concern they are able to count on each other easily in times of crisis.

Mutual respect

Like in a multi-racial society, they respect the unique differences among them in the family. A give-and-take attitude and patience are the key ingredients of a happy family.

Filial Responsibility

It goes in a circle. Parents care for their young ones. when the children are big enough then they should take care of their old and fragile parents.


Family members are responsible to support each other especially in critical situation. It is also important to make sure that whatever action taken by one of the family members does not jeopardize the well-being of other members. A family is like a team, when a member committed a wrongdoing the image of the family is tarnished.


When the members of the family are committed to one another, they communicate openly in discussing outstanding problems, pending issues and financial matters.

Tuesday, October 23, 2007


You were told to pay yourself first. But, how do you do it effectively?

One of the methods is to buy an investment-linked policy and make arrangement with your bank to debit your account (where your salary is credited) monthly. In this way you don't only save but you invest as well with the added advantage of an insurance policy,You can also arrange with your insurance company to charge the premium monthly to your credit card. You earn points for redemption while paying for your insurance policy. How about that?

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