Friday, October 26, 2007

The Ten Secrets of Passing your Examination with Flying Colours

1. Pay attention in class. Otherwise you will not be able to learn and absorb the important pints mentioned by the teacher.
2. You must write down all pertinent points. By writing down it helps you to remember better and understand better during your revision.
3. When you are in class you must ask the teacher immediately if you don't understand or if you are in doubt so that you can get the correct answer.
4. Take initiative to discuss problems relating to homework or lessons with top students.
5. Make it a habit to complete the homework for the day.
6. In order to master the syllabus and the techniques of answering questions get reference books of high standard.
7. Have a timetable of your own and follow through all subjects in the timetable.
8. Revise more often those subjects that you are weak in.
9. Pay attention to your daily diet and have sufficient sleep. Keep fit by doing exercise so that your energy is at peak level.
10. Adopt a positive mental attitude to face problems in life. Have confidence in whatever you are doing.

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