Posted on November 6, 2011

Subject: New Scam already in Singapore, BEWARE 

If its in Singapore, it won't be long to be here!

Be wary of those who come bearing gifts.

 come bearing gifts. You may like to circulate this to your
 friends. Just happen last week in Singapore.

 Hi everyone,

 I want to let you all know that Frank and I have been the
 victims of credit card fraud this week and felt I should
 warn you all about the clever scam. It works like this:

 Last Wednesday I had a phone call late morning from Express
 Couriers to ask if I was going to be home as he had a
 delivery for me. He said he would there in
 roughly an hour. He turned up with a beautiful basket of
 flowers and wine. I expressed my surprise as I wasn't
 expecting anything like this and said I was intrigued to
 know who was sending me such a lovely gift. He said he was
 only delivering the gift and the card was being sent
 separately (the card has never arrived).There was a
 consignment note with the gift.

 He went on to explain that because the gift contained
 alcohol he has to charge the recipient $3.50 as proof that
 he has actually delivered to an adult, and not left it on
 a door step if the recipient is out, to be stolen or taken
 by children. This seemed logical and I offered to get the
 He then said that the company required the payment to be by
 EFTPOS so he's not handling cash and everything is
 properly accounted for.

 Frank was there and got his credit card and 'John'
 swiped the card on this small mobile machine that also had a
 small screen upon which Frank entered in
 his pin number. A receipt was printed out and given
 to us.

 Between last Thursday and Monday $4,000 was withdrawn from
 our credit account at ATM machines in the north shore area.
 It appears a dummy credit card was made using the details in
 the machine and of ! course, they had Frank's pin
 number. The Bank has stopped our cards and I've been to
 the Police this morning, where they confirmed that it is a
 definite scam and many households were hit during the first
 3 days of October.

 So PLEASE be wary of accepting a gift you're not
 expecting especially if the card is not with it. We've
 all received gifts like this and would never dream that it
 could be such a despicable act. Please also let other female
 friends and relatives know. Hopefully, these fraudsters have
 ceased this activity by now but you never know.

Debt Relief Scam Database
Money Matters: Tips from the Federal Trade Commission

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