Are you happy and feeling good about yourself? Do you need to change your habits and live a better life? Be inspired by the articles of this blog and take ACTION to CHANGE your life for the better in every way. I write about personal finance, parenting,work, healthy lifestyle and happiness. 

My name is Charles Chua C K. I am from Kuantan, Malaysia, a cosmopolitan country.As a baby boomer, I have always been fascinated by the subject of personal improvement. I read and research books and articles about related subjects and get to the bottom of things. As I get to know more about self improvement, I have decided to write articles on the subject and share with my readers. I blog part-time and  my  job during the day is doing  finance and accounting.    

As a husband and a father of two, I have posted more than 1600 articles in my blog since 2007 at one article a day. The PageRank of this site is 3. This blog accepts guest posts and advertisements. 

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