Monday, October 28, 2019

Ringworm and Treatment


Ten years ago in 2009, I was infected with ringworm. I wrote an article about the effective treatment of fungal infections ( Initially, I used calamine and found the cream infective because it was not the right medication. I then switched to clotrimazole and treated the diseased area of my sole successfully.

Recently I was infected with ringworm again. Immediately, I applied clotrimazole. This time the result was not as good as expected after a few weeks. In desperation, I consulted my family doctor and he prescribed Travocort Cream for me. This medicine contains two active substances, isoconazole nitrate and diflucortolone valerate.

According to information provided this medicine is used to treat fungal infections of the skin where inflammation (redness, swelling, soreness) is also a problem.

Upon my first application, the itch stopped right away. After a few days, it was completely healed.  

Ringworm initially starts out as red or pink skin patches (or spots) that may be either flat or slightly raised. In this initial stage, the sores may be moist, but more often they're dry, scaly, and itchy. If you scratch the rash you may break the skin, which could lead to a bacterial infection.

Have you ever infected with ringworm? How did you deal with it?

Saturday, October 12, 2019

How to Live a Secure and Meaningful Retirement

A secure and meaningful retirement

Retirement is like a long vacation in Las Vegas. The goal is to enjoy it the fullest, but not so fully that you run out of money. Jonathan Clements

I am 71, I am a husband and a father to one son and one daughter. I have a part-time office job in the morning for six days a week. My son is working in Singapore and my daughter in at UTAR studying Economics. The purpose of this article is to share my thinking and the way I live my retirement now.

Retirement should bring happiness and contentment. You should be able to look forward to every new day with excitement. The following vital factors are crucial not only for a secure but meaningful life.

Health is Your Responsibility
Health is wealth. With good health, you enjoy the freedom and live life to the fullest. To maintain a healthy body is not only for your own good but is also a responsibility. Just imagine when you are suffering from a serious illness such as a stroke, who is going to take care of you daily? Your family members of course.  They may not have the time and resources to look after you. When they don’t, you blame them for not being filial. So the point I want to bring out is that life is already stressful for each and every one of us. Do not be a burden to those around they have their life to take care of. You can look after yourself when you are healthy and fit.  

Daily Rituals
Every morning I wake up around six and after drinking a glass of water I do stretching TaiChi and breathing exercise at the car porch. This is my morning rituals. For about twice a week I do weight lifting ( I have a home gym) at home and jog around the field just opposite the Indian temple at Sri Kemuning. The only time I watch TV is the 8TV News at 8pm. in the evening. To get a good night sleep I read a few pages of a book. Reading stimulates your mind and promotes mental health. I borrow books from the nearby state library. In the afternoon, I enjoy a nap from time to time. To occupy my free time I do online surveys ( and earn some pocket money.

In the evening I pen a few lines in my diary to express my gratefulness and appreciation for a great day. On a regular basis, I invite a good friend of mine to a movie and tea. I live life with energy, serenity, peace of mind and focus.

Your house is your castle
Your son’s house is not your house and on;y your house is truly your own. Do not be so naive to sell your house and stay with your son upon request. Your daughter-in-law may not like the idea and if you are unfortunate to get chase out of the house you will be homeless. Your personal home means security, freedom and peace of mind. There again it is assumed that you are in good health and able to take care of your own self.

My part-time job  
A part-time job suits me well. I earn and I keep myself busy for half a day and get connected with the business world It gives me a sense of purpose and usefulness. I used to write one article for one day Now I do it only when I have important messages to share like this article. that you are reading now.

I am not rich but I am debt-free. I hope, God willing, my savings and investment are able to outlive my life and not the other way round. I do keep a sum for emergency purposes because life is full of unexpected happenings and you need to spend money immediately.

Continuous Learning
The world is moving at a rapid pace with technology advancement. I read and learn continuous to update myself. I implement useful technologies such as e-wallet to keep up with the time. It is the best way to stimulate your brain.

Peanut the Poodle
A pet at home is a great companion. Peanut is the greatest source of inspiration, happiness and serenity. He is the best security guard in the world. He will bark loudly at the slightest noise or movement at the gate otherwise he is quiet and peaceful. He greets you warmly every time you come home. My pet has an Instagram account. Please follow Peanut the Poodle at It's good to know that keeping a pet is good for my health too.

A quiet and simple life

Seeking excitement is for the youngsters. As for me, it is a fond memory of the younger days. Now a quiet and simple life suits me fine.


The formula for Happiness:
Health + gratitude+ mindfulness+financial freedom+lifelong learning= Happiness
where Health =1 and the rest are zeros.
When you are not in good health the rest of the things are meaningless to you.

In his book Man’s Search for Meaning, Frankl wrote, “Happiness cannot be pursued, it must ensue. One must have a reason to be happy.”

  • Be healthy and fit
  • Thank gratitude always
  • You may have retired from work but do not retire from living an active and meaningful life.
  • A house of your own
  • Sufficient fund to live and enjoy your retirement

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