Friday, August 31, 2012

10 Effective Ways to Keep Your Job

10 Effective Ways to Keep Your Job

Do your work with your whole heart and you will succeed - there's so little competition.
~ Elbert Hubbard

According to a recent news item, recession, unemployment led to 1000 suicides in UK. It is reported that much of men’s identity and sense of purpose is tied up with a job. It brings income, status and importance. How do you hold on to your job when time is getting harder?

1.      Engaged: You like the job because your abilities match the job description. You are enthusiastic and excited about your work. It gives you personal satisfaction and a sense of achievement.

2.      Competent: You possess the relevant skills and capabilities to do the job. You work confidently and others look for you for solutions to their problems.

3.      Reputation and trust: What do you think others will talk about you when you are not around? Do you want them to say positive words about you? Build your reputation by keeping your promises and be punctual for appointments and meetings. Impress others by getting your work done impeccably.  

People forget how fast you did a job - but they remember how well you did it.

~Howard Newton

4.      Showing up: The worst thing to happen to you is to be late for work and missing in action every now and then. It gives your boss the impression that you do not care much about your work and you are not taking your job seriously. Go to work earlier and get the most important task done without disturbances. Show the boss that you are committed,

5.      Problem solving: One hallmark of a valued staff is the ability to solve problems creatively. Always take the challenge and think of a workable solution when you encounter a problem, it is an opportunity to show your worth as an employee.   

6.      Productive: You are judged by what you can do. It is your performance and contribution which provide value than counts. Simplify your work by doing more in less time. Contribute by reducing expenses or increasing revenue.  

7.      A learning attitude: Find out what other relevant skills you can acquire, go ahead and learn. You have to be prepared. During a retrenchment if you can do more because of your additional skills, you will be retained. It is also important to update your existing skills to stay ahead.   

8.      Work smart: It is necessary to work hard but it is also important to work smart. Promoting yourself and getting noticed by your boss are the ways to sustain a good relationship. Don’t work quietly. You want your boss to think about you and consider you when he is looking for someone to move up the ladder.

9.      Be happy at work: Happiness is a choice.  When you are paid to work, be cheerful, smile and acknowledge others. You perform better at work when you are happy. Your boss would not like to see a grumpy face.   

10.  Positive attitude: Work with an open mind. Be flexible and ready to accept changes. Be responsible and willing to accept mistakes made. Be brave to tell the truth because a lie will be discovered sooner or later.  

The time may be tough, but you can be smart to hold on to your job and move forward.

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