Friday, August 10, 2012

7 Reasons to Write eBooks Now

My first eBook

I have recently published my first eBook. I would urge you to do the same for many beneficial reasons:

1.      Gain valuable experience of publishing an eBook: I always advocate making changes and trying new things in your life. It is a great way to learn and be knowledgeable. It opens up new horizon and widens your perspective. Now I have stretched my comfort zone further.  

2.      Easy and flexible to sell your eBook globally and at different prices: I sell my first eBook on Amazon and Smashwords. By doing so I will be able to gauge which outlet can sell better. By the way, I sold one book on Smashwords on the first day and nothing yet from Amazon. I will also be able to juggle with the price to up or down it. You can’t do it with a physical book. You can even make changes to your book easily after it is published.

3.      The habit continues: Now that I have got my first book out I want to write more eBooks as envisaged and planned. My first book is just an introductory volume about living with life and I will write an eBook for each sub-topic of my first book. I will be writing a series. Write your first eBook and you will be motivated to write more enthusiastically.   

4.      Establish your personal brand: I am a blogger and I am the   writer for this blog. After publishing one eBook I am now also a publisher and an indie author. It is an effective way to establish and strengthen your brand and hone your expertise in your chosen field of endeavor.

5.      A new source of passive income: Why be an affiliate and sell other people products? It is more satisfying to sell your own information products. There is no inventory and your market is worldwide. It wouldn’t go out of stock. I don’t expect my first book to sell because I am unknown in the publishing world. As I continue to publish more eBooks I will be luckier.

6.      Huge potential: The trend is fast catching on. Recently Google and Asus have teamed up to build the Nexus 7 tablet to rival Amazon’s Kindle Fire. It means eReaders are important devices and eBooks will get more popular. Very soon book stores will go out of business. Just read the headline of this article, It's the end of books as you knew them: E-books out-sell hardbound for the 1st time.

7.      Very little money is involved: It only cost me $5 for the cover to publish my first eBook.  The cover is an important element for an eBook because your book cover creates the first impression.

Write your first eBook now and share your experience here.

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