Tuesday, August 14, 2012

How to be a Blogger

Great blogging is about creating an emotional connection with your readers. – Catherine Hughes, 8 Women Dream

These are the things I have learnt in my last five years of blogging, you will avoid the mistakes that I have made and do the right things from the beginning:

1.       An idea: Think of a topic that you are passionate about. A subject you know very well and which is popular among searchers on the Net. You do not want to run out of ideas to write because content is king.

2.       Get ready an easy- to- remember name for your blog: The name is able to tell others what your blog is all about. A suggestive name like Nescafe.com will instantly tell others that it is a site about coffee.  Go for a short name.

3.       Write a few fantastic posts, the more the better: You want to create a bang on the Net and make a good first impression.

4.       The right way to write an article: Here are Article Writing Tips for Bloggers - The Vital 7 Steps.

5.       Register with Blogger: It is a free platform for you to blog. At the same time register for a .com name.  It is only $10/= per year. Your blog will be www.yourblogname.com instead of yourblogname.blogspot.com .  Later you can decide to host your own blog. A .com name will create a better image and boost traffic to your site. I did it only about two years ago. 

6.       About Page: Check out my post to do a proper write-up of your About Page at Essential Check List for Your About Page to Get Noticed.

7.       Essential items on your blog: Add the 10 Useful Features for Your Website.

8.       Post: Now you upload your first batch of posts all at once to create an impact on the Net. Next, you should adopt a regular posting schedule such as one post per day and stick to it. Do not do advertising now; focus on taking care of your visitors. I started blogging by plastering ads everywhere. It created a bad impression. It means I care more about myself.

9.       Submit your site to search engines: Read this article about   How to Submit Your Website to Google, Bing, Yahoo!, and Other Search Engines.

10.   Get connected: Join Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn and use hootsuite to notify your new posts. Send more people to your blog to read your new posts.

11.   Join Pinterest and Sccop.itPin and scoop your best posts and attract more visitors and followers.

12.   Guest posts: Write guest posts from time to time and gain new visitors to your blog.

13.   Commenting: Do comments on other blogs to attract other bloggers to notice your blog

14.   Grow your blog: Aim to increase page views, RSS and email subscribers. Study SEO and learn more about article writing from Copyblogger  and Problogger. 

15.   Monetize your blog: When you have close to 10000 page views per month it is time to add Adsense, get sponsored posts and solicit for ads on your blog.

16.   Do more: Write press release at freepressrelease  and convert your posts into presentations at   sildeshare . Use your blog posts and turn them into an eBooks.   Build your brand on the Net and   check your influence on the Net at Klout. 

18.   Monitor your success: Install Google Analytics   or statcounter and check your progress on the Net.

19.   Find out what others are saying about you: Create Google Alerts for your name and the name of your blog.

20.   Turn information into knowledge: Read Forbes, Time, Fortune, Entrepreneur and other business magazines online to get ideas for your article writing. Keep learning about blogging and be a better blogger.

Above all be patient and pay attention to your visitors because successful blogging takes time and visitors are interested in what you can do for them.

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