Monday, August 20, 2012

Be Simple Be Productive

Be simple Be Productive

Life is really simple, but we insist on making it complicated.

Time is limited and things to be done are plentiful. The wise and smart way is to do what is essential in simple ways. Here are 10 tips to be simple and yet productive. 

1.       Be organized:  Getting productive is making easy access to things you need every day in one place. Adopt a simple filing system so you can retrieve documents easily like putting related items together such as bank statements, check books, credit card slips and statements.  

2.      Avoid clutter: With things around everywhere in the house, there is a feeling of suffocation. Clear all unwanted items and create space because it allows positive flow of energy without obstruction. Keep the house simple and neat.

3.      Simple tools: Getting things done with the help of software is OK. But what is the quick and easy way?  A piece of paper and a pencil are all you need to plan, organize and get great ideas.

4.      Using simple words: Communicate with simple words in writing or orally. When you write in simple words and short paragraphs you can express ideas clearly and fully. Talking to others in easy words is the most effective way to get your messages across.

5.      Simple ways of doing things: Find and adopt a simple way to get things done with the least paper work. Getting complicated is more likely to make mistakes, delay and become unproductive.  

6.      Live within your means: Avoid getting materialistic, appreciate what you have and make the best out of it. Trying to have more things in life is the surest way of getting into debt and getting your life complicated.

7.      A short to-do list: Don’t get overwhelmed; concentrate on one or two important tasks each day. You achieve more by doing less.

8.      An orderly life: Plan ahead and get organized from day to day, take breaks and avoid multitasking. Go slow and live in the moment to enjoy the process of your task at hand and appreciate what is going on around you.

9.      Exercise and meditation: A simple life is a healthy life. It is not bothered by illnesses. You are fit, fresh and calm and you will think clearly and act rightly and precisely.

10.  Avoid small staff: Don’t get distracted by minor issues, just focus on what is important. It is the way to live a simple life and be productive.

Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication in life. A real winner does it in simple ways, be it an article, a speech, a design or a tantalizing dish. 

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