Saturday, August 4, 2012

Why You Need to Add Related Posts to Every New Post

Why You Need to Add Related Posts to Every New Post

When you have done with an article, it is wise and beneficial to add some related posts at the end of your article. There are benefits when you do internal links within your own domain:

1.      More page views: Readers will read more pages when you provide links to other posts within your domain at the end of an article. Getting more page views means more traffic to your site.  It will improve your traffic ranking stats especially Alexa Traffic Rank.

2.      Wow your readers: It is an effective way to increase usability of your users to your site. Readers will be overwhelmed when you provide more relevant content and you keep them spending more time at your site. You provide value to your visitors when your site is user- friendly.

3.      RSS and email subscribers: Do not think that when you provide full feed (allowing subscribers to read one article in full) for the convenience of your subscribers, they will not come to your site.  At the end of your article, you will include a few related posts for the reading pleasure of your subscribers; they will naturally click on the links and land on your site to read more of your posts.   

4.      Link juice: One way of getting credibility for a webpage is getting links from other pages. It is one of the methods Google evaluate web pages in the form of PageRank. By linking to more popular pages within your blog, you help promote your newer pages.  Linking relevant pages within your site using relevant keywords is an effective way to tell search engines what your site is all about.  

5.      Web crawl: Standalone pages will take a longer time for web crawlers to discover your site. By linking to relevant internal pages it is easier to find content at your site and index them to search engines.   In this way web pages get crawled and indexed more effectively.

Employ internal linking to gain wider exposure of your blog.

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