Saturday, August 18, 2012

7 Effective Ways to be Productive Online

7 Effective Ways to be Productive Online

Getting productive online is to avoid distractions and do the essential things persistently. Here are the things that you should be doing every day and be nearer to blogging success:   

1.      Do the most important things: Writing articles is the heart and soul of blogging. Visitors go to your site because they can gain knowledge and get solutions to their problems. As a blogger, this is the single most important task. Next to writing engaging articles, you have to promote your blog and articles relentlessly because there are too many blogs and websites out there. You have to go to where the people are.     

2.      Do the right things: While it is important to attract others to your site, it is also important to share valuable information from other sources that you have come across. It is also good to post inspiring quotes every now and then to motivate your followers, those who like you and others who have added you in their circles.

3.      Focus on major social sites: To be productive you have to limit your energy and effort on a few social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, MySpace, Pinterest and  According to my experience, I get most visitors from these sites. To save time, you utilize Hootsuite to send your daily messages.

4.      Get Google Alerts for things matter the most to you: Instead of looking for information that you want, let the information come to you. Sign up with Google Alerts to obtain relevant information daily. For me subjects like blogging, personal development, eBook are relating to my activities so I get the latest information every day.   

5.      Daily Habit: Do blogging especially article writing at a time which is most productive to you.  I write in the morning and I stick to it. The most important thing is to avoid online distractions like emails.  Just write.

6.      Use down time productively: Check emails, look for information after you have done your most important tasks. It is time consuming to check emails and surf the Net to look for things.    

7.      Taking breaks: When you are glued to the monitor all day long, it is important to take frequent breaks. Here are easy and effective  ways to look after your eyesight and your physical health  at  Eye Care, Tired Eyes and Acupressure and  Quick, Easy and Effective Way to Relieve Tired Eyes and Body.

Please share your online productivity.

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