Thursday, August 16, 2012

10 Easy Ways to Have a Great Day Every Day

 10 Easy Ways to Have a Great Day Every Day

When you prepare in advance and do the right things you will be able to enjoy a fantastic day. Here are the simple ways to feel good every day:     

1.      Plan ahead and get organized: Getting organized in the evening the day before is the most effective way to plan ahead. The most useful tool is the to-do list. Prioritize one or two important tasks to maximize productivity. A short list works better because it is not overwhelming. 

2.      Be early:  When you have planned ahead you will look forward to a new day with excitement and energy. More likely than not you will get up early  to start a new day because you do not believe in doing things in the last moment and rushing about to get things done. You will have a leisurely breakfast to take on a new day with energy and alertness. There is time for you to do some meditation and read some motivational quotes to get into a positive frame of mind and face challenges ahead of you. 

3.      Be enthusiastic about your goals for the day: One important aspect of written goals is that you get excited to do what you need to do for the day. Having meaningful goals is an effective way to avoid procrastination and getting into the mood to work without delay.    

4.      Live In the moment: How do you live a great day? Focus on what you do and do one task at a time without hurrying. Your mind is not wondering about but paying attention on the task at hand. You enjoy the process.

5.      Getting things done: You feel good only when you have achieved something worthwhile. Get the most important tasks done when your energy is at its peak.  You will be satisfied and feel a sense of accomplishment. 

6.      Taking breaks: Taking a well-deserving break at work from time to time is a great way to work smart. You will be able to sustain your concentration after a break. Drink water throughout the day to stay hydrated.

7.      Exercise: At the end of a fruitful day, it is good to release stress with a workout.  Jogging in the open is a marvelous way to get some fresh air and sunshine and feel good again after a hard day at work.

8.      Family time: Do not bring work home. It is time to enjoy the happiness at home. Have dinner together, do the washing out, water the plants and walk the dog.  Listen to your children and help them to do their homework. These are some of the productive things to do at home and feel good. 

9.      Think of goodness at the end of each day:  At the end of a good day, it is time to adopt an attitude of gratitude to do a review for the day. Be appreciative of what you have achieved and be thankful of those people who have helped and made it a successful day for you. It is also time to plan and organize for yet another good day ahead of you.  

10.  Sleep well: As it has been a good day for you, you will be looking forward to having a good night’s sleep. Having sufficient sleep is important to start a new day feeling fresh, calm and full of energy.

Do you have a great day every day? Happiness is living and enjoying from day to day.    

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