Monday, August 6, 2012

7 Ways to Establish Your Personal Brand on the Net

 7 Ways to Establish Your Personal Brand on the Net

Your personal brand is what others perceive you. What do they think of you when your name is mentioned? It involves your reputation and your trust online. Getting your personal brand on the Net takes time and you have to do the right things regularly and persistently. Here are a few things you can do to create a positive image and build a trusted personal brand on the Net.

1.      What do you stand for: It is linked to your interests, passion and core values and what you believe in. This will translate into your purpose in life. You will do what inspires and motivates you. 

2.      Start a blog: This is an excellent platform to establish your brand and advocate what you believe in. Focus on your niche and write consistently to build relationships and establish trust. This is also a place for you to interact with others who shares your ideas. 

3.      Write an eBook: This is yet another effective platform to establish and reinforce your brand. Writing an eBook relating to your niche is the way to show your expertise and strengthen your brand on the Net.  

4.      Promotion: You have to promote your brand online to get noticed and gained wider audiences. Join Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and Linked to connect and relate with like-minded people. Get involved in more places on the Net and be more visible. Two good places are Pinterest and Pin about things relating to your niche and scoop mores ideas that you are interested in.

How established are you on the Net? Type your name or the name of your blog and see how many pages are shown on the search engine result pages (SERPs).  More pages mean wider exposure and awareness on the Net about your brand. It also creates a positive impact on searchers online.   

5.      Be part of niche communities to sustain your brand and image:  Be a member of niche communities. I have joined Money Crasher’s Top FB Blogs and TotallyMoney Top Finance Blog. My articles are featured in Alltop on the topic about life. You should do the same and be a part of greater forces. 

6.      Continue to learn and update your knowledge: Learning, doing and experiencing are the ways to be more knowledgeable.  Be selective to look for information on the Net. Knowing is one thing. Working on what you have learned is the way to gain wisdom. 

7.      Monitor your influence: What is your Klout score? It is a way to measure your influence online. Be creative and be influential online. Do more things for what others want from you and get them to be interested in you.   They will like you, retweet your tweets, + you, talk about you, be your followers and your subscribers.       

Branding is not just for big corporations. You have created your brand when you are present on the Net. Create a positive image and build a reliable personal brand.  

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