Wednesday, August 8, 2012

10 Effective Ways to Secure the Well-Being of Baby Boomers

10 Effective Ways to Secure the Well-Being of Baby Boomers

Baby boomers have started to retire from active employment. A drastic change in your daily life may impact your well-being adversely. Consider the following ideas to live a meaningful life during the golden years:

1.      Embark on a new career: Look into your personal interests. Do something that you enjoy and at the same time provide a new source of income. Blogging is an excellent choice. It is a platform to showcase your expertise by writing about what you know best. When you are able to attract a lot of followers to your site, you will attract business opportunities such as getting ads on your blog or get paid to write for other blogs.     

2.      Preventive health care: Adopt a healthy eating habit and maintain regular intake of nutrition because you are what you eat. Avoid injuries and maintain an active lifestyle. Engage in regular exercise to promote energy and alertness. It is a better way to fight chronic diseases than health insurance. Prevention is better than cure.

3.      A source of passive income: When you are no longer working it is important to open up more sources of passive income and avoid depleting your retirement fund sooner than expected. One good way is to focus your equity investment on those which pay regular   dividends. 

4.      Buy and hold your gold: The present financial system is weak. An article in the Time magazine (July 23, 2012) has this headline: The LIBOR scandal threatens to bring on a global financial crisis. Why Britain’s banking culture needs fixing. It just confirms its vulnerability. It is the best time to buy gold because the price is at its lowest in a year. Gold will sustain your purchasing power when all your other investments fail in a worldwide financial meltdown.    

5.      Be debt free: Settling your mortgage and getting out of credit card debt are the two wisest things   you can do. The saddest thing in life is without a roof over your head when you are old and fragile. Financial freedom is the key.

6.      Hold on to your job: Are you still employed? Do you enjoy your work? If so, continue to do what you like and delay dipping into your nest egg and prevent exhausting your retirement fund earlier than anticipated.  

7.      Sustain your positive outlook in life: When there is something to do, you will be hopeful and you look forward to each day with excitement. This is why your need a new career to keep you going on in life enthusiastically. 

8.      Be happy: Happiness promotes good health and good health attracts happiness. Choose happiness in whatever you do. Live in the moment, appreciate what you have, be grateful and fill your heart with love.

9.      Continue to learn new things: Learning new things is the best way to stay youthful while you grow old. It is effective to keep your mind active and be aware of what’s going in your life. 

10.  Be connected: Avoid loneliness and isolation. Stay close to love ones and get in touch with people you care. You need support of others spiritually and emotionally to stay mentally healthy. 

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