Friday, August 3, 2012

10 Effective Ways to Stay Positive All the Time

10 Effective Ways to Stay Positive All the Time

Just for today, no matter where I am going, or what I am doing, or who I am doing it with, it is my intention to focus on the positive.
~Lucy MacDonald

There are many ways to stay positive from day to day. When your thinking is right and you are doing right, most likely you will feel good and stay positive.   

1.      Get your thinking right in the morning: It is important to wake up and get up in the right frame of mind. Think about your dreams, goals and what you want to achieve for the day, you will get excited to start a new day positively.

2.      Mindful: It is paying attention to the task at hand so that your mind is not thinking about the past or worrying about the future. Your mind will not be distracted when you are doing things you like and enjoy.  

3.      Be energetic: Staying healthy and fit is the best way to feel the energy in you and be alert and calm. You will face challenges with a cool head.

4.      Talk and laugh with positive and cheerful people: You can get influenced and be reinforced by those people who are confident and forward thinking.  Choose the right people to be with.

5.       Get motivated by positive words: Every day you read inspiring quotes and get positively motivated.  Read a few quotes in the morning to start a new day enthusiastically and in the evening to sustain your positive outlook. 

6.      Be hopeful: Believe in your dreams, do what you have to every day, do not be discouraged by obstacles or problems.  Be optimistic and preserved about what you do is right.

7.      Focus on creativity: Staying positive is solving problems, getting new ideas and doing things differently.   You will be excited that you are getting more and more resourceful and productive.

8.      Be happy now: Happiness is a positive mental attitude and the time to be happy is now. When you are cheerful, you are more relaxed and your mind is more receptive to ideas. You think more of possibilities.   

9.      Think, do and act the positive way: Always count your blessings to tell yourself that you are living in abundance. Write about things you appreciate for the day in your gratitude journal. Act kindly and fill your heart with love.

10.  Be organized: Every day, be prepared for a new day and get things done orderly and smoothly. You will feel good and positive because you don’t have to rush about to do things and get stressful. Getting yourself smartly dressed is an effective way to boost your positivity. People response to you positively when your take care of your appearance and image.

Think and act positively and stay positive.    

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