Wednesday, August 22, 2012

My Second eBook

My Second eBook

I have just published my second eBook, all About Happiness. This eBook talks about getting daily happiness, happiness at home and at work. There is a chapter about inspiring quotes on happiness and a checklist for happiness. All in all, there are 10 chapters in this book.

My first book, 7 Effective Ways to Live a Happy and Successful Life, published last month has managed to sell only 6 books at Smashwords.  As an indie author, I am not at all discouraged.  I am determined and I will continue to write just the way I manage my blog with patience. In fact, it is the first in a series of “All About” eBooks. Future eBooks will cover working smart, productivity, personal finance and relationships.

I encountered a problem publishing my first eBook at Smashwords. My word file was not properly formatted to accept into their Premium Catalog. It means my eBook will not be distributed through major retailers such as Apple, Barnes and Noble, Sony and Kobo. I have to hire a formatter at a cost of $25 to get my eBook into the Premium Catalog.

I have written two eBooks but I don’t even have a digital eBook reader. I will get one soon. I think Google Nexus 7 is a good buy.

My eBooks are available at Amazon,  Smashwords  and Lulu.   

Get the book. Each eBook is only $2.99.

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