Monday, March 2, 2009

2009 – 7 Essential Things You Gotta Do

In order to face the doom and groom of the financial situation now your need to do the following things to get over this economic crisis:

1. Manage your personal money well: Review your spending pattern and your investment strategies. Reduce unnecessary expenses and invest less on risky instruments. The important thing is to conserve your wealth.

2. Invest in yourself: You don't have to spend money to learn new ideas in your area of expertise or study more about other skills that are required to consolidate your position in the office. Surf the net and pick up the subjects by reading the latest articles. You will become more knowledgeable and wiser.

3. Exercise more when the situation gets worse: Be fit and healthy in this depressing situation. You don’t want to get ill and spend on unnecessary medical expenses. A healthy body promotes abundant energy and a positive mental attitude in you.

4. Relationships: In this trying environment family ties are very important. Make your home life as happy as possible because you want to find peace and solace at home after a stressful day at work. Support and motivate each other will make the journey in life so much easier to bear. Enjoy a simple home-cook meal with the family members. Savor each mouthful. The quality of the relationships is more important than the quantity of the food.

5. Don’t rush, live every moment fully: Life itself is already full of tension, don't aggravate the situation. Learn to slow down and enjoy every moment of your life like a curious little boy. Find joy and delight in every small thing around you.

6. Keep your New Year's resolutions: Keep you goals constantly in view. Remember the benefits of reaching your objectives. . Determine to make it a success. You can refer my article on Keep Your New Year's Resolutions - 7 Top Tips for further assistance.

7. Be happy, be positive, be yourself and be contented: Abraham Lincoln once said:” People are just as happy as they make up their minds to be”. Just be happy and change to a positive mindset despite the negative outlook. Accept yourself as what you are and be contented with what you have.

When you make it a habit to do the necessary things, you are more likely to be successful to face the challenges ahead of you.

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  1. Hey Charles

    The link to "Keep Your New Year's Resolutions - 7 Top Tips" appears (well, is) broken.

    And talking of New Year's resolutions - I am co-founder of Pledgehammer, a site that seems to have helped quite a few people keep their resolutions since the launch two months ago. The idea is very simple. Pledgehammer makes resolutions public and asks to donate money to charity if you fail to keep one. This way there is some good in failing a resolution, too.

    So it makes three of your recommendations in the post much easier. Try it out -


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