Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Organize Your House for Better Feng Shui – 7 Top Tips

Organize Your House for Better Feng Shui – 7 Top Tips

Feng Shui masters believe that when your home is free of clutter it is able to attract positive energy into your living space. Let us find out how you can keep your home neat and tidy:

  1. De-junk: Throw away all those items which are used, broken and beyond repair.

  1. Newspapers and magazines: Keep the cuttings for your future reference and recycle the rest on a regular basis

  1. Clothing and shoes: Send those clothing and shoes that have outgrown you to charity or sell to second-hand goods outlets

  1. Use your free time: Whenever you are at home and you have nothing else to do that is the time yon can use profitably to organize your house.

  1. Do one room or one section at a time: Concentrate on one area at a time so that you are not under pressure to clear up the whole mess. When you look at the room you have just tidied up it gives you a sense of relief and you know it is the neatness and tidiness that are pleasing to the eyes.

  1. Good Habit: Cultivate the good habit of putting back an item that you have used to its original storage place so that you will not start another pile again.

  1. 5 actions you can take: Remember you can choose one of the following actions when you want to decide on an item. You can:
    • Keep it at the proper place for easy retrieval
    • Throw it away after using it
    • Recycle it when you have done with it
    • Donate it when it is still usable but it is no longer useful to you
    • Sell it if an item is in demand when you don’t use it anymore

When you have cleared the whole house you will be very pleased to be at home and a sense of calmness and peacefulness will fill your mind.

Start organizing your house this weekend for better Feng Shui at home.

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