Thursday, March 12, 2009

Stock.xchng for Free and Legal Images

Search no further, you can get your desired images for you blog posts easily at http://www.sxc. According to the site it has over 350,000 photos online with more than 30,000 photographers.

You need to register yourself in order to download images. When you are looking at the image you can hold your mouse over it and you can see a larger copy of it. When you want to look for something quickly you go directly to their Advanced Search option and type in the keyword of the images that you are looking for. For example when I key in the word "clover” I will be able to see images of three-leaf and four-leaf clovers.

You need to read carefully their fine print because there are certain restrictions such as selling and redistribution of the images are prohibited.

The image for my article Coffee- Health Benefits is taken from this site.
Get the appropriate images to spice up your articles. Registration is FREE.

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