Thursday, March 19, 2009

7 Tips to Drive Traffic to Your Blog

You have been blogging for quite a while and the traffic to your blog seems sluggish. Do not despair and do not give up. Here are the 7 tips to help you get more traffic to your blog:

1. The theme of your blog: This is the niche subject of your website. Be very specific about the topic that you are writing about. When your blog is a niche website about a particular topic you will attract more readers to your site. Let's say you are a cat lover and you keep a few at home. You have a lot of things to talk about cats, such as cat food, their habits, how to care for them, diseases of cats and benefits to human beings as pet. For me, my niche is self improvement and from the tagline you will notice the areas that I blog about.


2. Rhythm of posting: The readers are expecting and watching. Keep on posting on the dot. When you decide to post an article a day. Do it every day at the same time. Do not turn away your valuable readers by posting irregularly. Once they are gone they are gone forever.


3. Compelling articles: Original and unique articles will be noticed by a lot of readers. It is a challenge to write such articles on a regular basis. Take the challenge, keep writing every day and over time you will have accumulated a lot of articles and some of them, I am sure, will turn up to be very popular with the readers.


4. Take your articles to where the readers are: Don's expect a new blog to get traffic instantly. You have to take your articles to where the readers are. Bookmark your article every day at social networking and social bookmarking sites. Digg, Facebook, Plurk, Stumbleupon Twitter are just a few of them. Submit your popular articles to article directories such as


5. Forums: Depending on you niche you should join forums to express your views in the field of your expertise. For me I will choose to join forums pertaining to self improvement.


6. Make friends: Join social networking sites like Facebook, Plurk, and Twitter to make as many friends as possible. Interact with them and introduce yourself and your site to them.

7. Carnivals: Participate in carnivals. Go to and join carnivals on the same theme like your blog. You will get readers of similar interest as well as one-way link to your blog.

You cannot expect traffic to surge overnight. It takes time and a lot of daily effort. Make it a habit to do the work. Slowly and steady you will get more and more readers to your site.

Wish you success in blogging!

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