Wednesday, March 11, 2009

The Characteristics of a Good Worker – 8 Virtues

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When you can find the following traits in a worker you know you are lucky to have him because these are the characteristics of a good worker:

  1. Humility: He has the good quality of not being boastful. He may be a good worker in the eyes of the employer, but he behaves in a humble way.

  1. Trust: He is able to keep things to himself without disclosing confidential matters of the company.

  1. Courage: He will never say die in the face of problems. He will commit himself to see that the job get done no matter what.
  1. Resourcefulness: He is a competent workers, he knows his job well. He has the ability to initiate the necessary action to overcome problems at work.

  1. Honesty: He has the courage to tell the truth and to admit mistakes without telling lies and he does not blame the mistakes on others.

  1. Dependable: He can be counted on to complete a task. You can be assured that things get done as expected.

  1. Work as a team: He is not a lone ranger. He knows his work will affect the operation of the team. He thinks more of the team than for himself. He also gets along very well with his team members.

  1. A positive mental attitude: He is able to accept constructive criticism with an open mind. He is receptive to new ideas and innovations. He has a keen interest to learn new things.

Always be alert to show your appreciation to such a good worker. When he knows you notice his good work he is further motivated to work harder and smarter for the company.

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