Saturday, March 28, 2009

Google Alerts, Your Blog and You

Google Alerts
Recently I have created Google Alerts .to check the following key words:

Charles Chua C K
All about living with life

An email will be sent to me on a daily basis should my name or my bog is mentioned in the blogosphere.

The whole idea is that you can find out what others are talking about you and your blog in the Internet. When there is a favorable comment about you, you can response quickly to it.

On the other hand at any time when there is a smear about you, you can also act immediately to notify the host of the website to take it down. The faster you response to it the better it is, before there is further damage to your name.

From time to time you can also search the web by typing in your name or your blog title to do a check

Another place to investigate is Technorati. Go to their Watchlists to add the URL of your site, your blog title and your name. You will get similar results like Google Alerts.

Go and find out on the Internet what others are talking about you and your blog.

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