Tuesday, March 17, 2009

7 Psychological Needs of Children

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A healthy growth of your child needs to be satisfied with certain psychological needs. To understand and promote the growth of your child you need to understand his psychological needs:

  1. Attention: You need to pay attention to your child. As a child he likes to attract the attention of his parents. When you ignore him he will behave negatively to attract your attention. Always be attentive to your child.

  1. Acceptance: A child is happy when he is accepted by his parents. He knows how to behave in order to get the approval of his parents. Accept your child unconditionally.

  1. Respect: A child needs to have self-respect and to be respected.When your child does not respect himself and he is not being respected his self-esteem will be low and he feels helpless and down. The worst thing that can happen to him is that he will not have the confidence to live in life. Praise your child whenever he does something right to boost his self-confidence.

  1. Belonging: Every one hopes to be part of a group. It is the same with your child. He wants to have a place in a group. If he is rejected or bypassed it will affect his healthy development.

  1. Love: The emotional support and the love of his parents stimulate the child’s mental and physical growth. Shower him with love and tender care.

  1. Achievement: It is the motive of your child to learn something and to achieve success. Provide positive reinforcement in his quest for knowledge.

  1. Friendship: It is natural for your child to make friends. Encourage your child to socialize so that he learns to get along with others in a normal and healthy situation.

When you understand the psychological needs of your child and are able to satisfy his needs without hindrance you will promote a positive growth in your child.


  1. he/his/him .... a child could also be female

  2. thanks for the info...

  3. he and him is used in general referent for people, it is not being gender sensitive

  4. I wish I knew all this before my son was born. At least that way I may have stood a chance of being a better mum and maybe social services would not have taken him away from me when he was 4. This is fantastic information and i will share this site with every mother/father I know whether they are already parents or parents to be.
    Thankyou so much for this information.


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