Monday, March 16, 2009

Decision Making – 5 Vital Steps

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Life is about making choices. We are making decisions big and small and even when we don’t act, it is also a decision taken by us. Here are the steps to be taken to arrive at a wise decision:

  1. The problem: State the problem clearly and fully. A problem well stated is half a problem solved. Bear in mind also the objective to be achieved.

  1. Gathering information: Get as much information as possible about the problem to be solved.

  1. Alternatives: This is where you need to explore the best course of action. You need to brainstorm, consult others and perhaps sleep over it. Do not be surprise when you sleep over a problem you get the solution to your problem when you wake up the next day. You evaluate each option in terms of its consequences by looking at the pros and cons of each alternative.

  1. Decision and action: Choose the best alternative and transform the decision into specific action steps.

  1. Evaluation: Monitor the effects of your choices. Whenever necessary reassess the situation and make new decisions,

It is often very true that you will not have enough time to do a systematic approach to reach a decision. You may incubate the problem in your subconscious mind and let your intuition decide for you as a way to make a decision.

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