Saturday, February 28, 2009

6 Virtues to Teach Our Children

6 Virtues to Teach Our Children

There are six virtues to instill in our children so that they will grow up to be wholesome people.

  1. Respect:
· Treat others the way you want to be treated.
· Be respectful to others.
· When someone is talking to you , you must listen carefully
· Do not bully or cause troubles to others.
· Do not bad-mouth or scold others
· Understand the person before you pass judgment on him

  1. Trustworthiness:
· Be honest, do not tell lies.
· Be reliable, deliver what you have promised.
· Be courageous to carry out the task, though it is difficult
· Do not betray the trust of your friends in you

  1. Caring:
· Treat other kindly and generously
· Help the needy.
· Sensitive to the needs of others
· Do not harm or treat others shoddily
· Think of what you do will affect others

  1. Responsibilities:
· Do it when you have agreed to do so.
· Do what is expected of you and don’t expect others to do it for you.
· Think carefully before you do it. Think of the consequences.

  1. Fairness:
· Allow others to have their opportunities.
· Treat others like you treat yourself
· Tell the truth.
· Follow the rules.
· Listen to others with an open mind.
· Don’t blame others for your own mistakes.
· Don’t take advantage of others.
· Do not form cliques.
· Think of what you do will affect others.

6. Citizenship:
· Do your part for the school, community so that it is a better place to live
· Play your part for the things that are happening around you.
· Look after the environment.
· Respect others.
· Be a good neighbor.
· Abide the rules of family, school and the society.

These virtues highlight the importance of character building of our children so that they can become model citizens in future.

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