Friday, February 6, 2009

Turn Your Business Cards Into a Marketing Tool - 7 Superb Ideas

Your business cards or calling cards can do more than just telling others about your name, your telephone and fax numbers and your business address. Here are what you can do with your business cards:

  1. Unique Selling Proposition: Use the back of your card in a special way to market your products or services.

  1. Original and compelling design: Create a design that is attractive and appealing so that it keeps people talking about it. Match it with a logo that it can identify with your business.

  1. Give freely: Distribute your cards to people you meet - taxi drivers, counter staff, petrol station attendants, receptionists….

  1. A part of your correspondence: Include a copy of your card whenever you send out a business letter, a statement or a quotation. It’s handy for the recipients to slot it into their card file.

  1. Promote your website: Besides having your e-mail address printed, be sure to include your website address.

  1. Business to business: Place you business cards at various business outlets is one way to promote your business - restaurants, hotels, stores, shops...

  1. Jot down vital information: Your business card comes in handy when people ask you for certain information that your can write it down on your business card and give it away. They will definitely remember you for your help.

Your business cards are such wonderful marketing tools. Do not let them sit idly on your desk.

1 comment:

  1. I cannot stand to see these things just sitting around on desks, in wallets, and in their original boxes (for that matter). You're right, they're great marketing tools and work especially well when using attraction marketing.

    Lately I've started using rubber stamps for a cost effective way to make my biz cards double sided, and double effective. I love to leave them in high traffic areas.


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