Wednesday, February 18, 2009
Every time when you have written an article and you want to submit it to many social bookmarking sites, the tedious job turns you off. Despair no more. There is a website that can help you to submit your articles to 49 of the top bookmaking sites easily. The website that is doing this valuable service is

According to Socialmarker it can help you save the time and effort needed to bookmark a website and it can help spread a link on 49 of the best social bookmarking sites in less than 15 minute

The list of social bookmarking sites that you can link to is impressive and they include the following:

Health Ranker

When you submit your article links to the social bookmarking sites you get one-way backlinks and more traffic to your site. Your link is also indexed by Google within minutes.

I use Socialmarker on a daily basis. I don’t bookmark on all but I select only the most popular and relevant sites. Bookmarking is a breeze for me.

The best part of Socialmarker is that the service is FREE. Get it today.

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