Monday, February 16, 2009

Twitter – How to Get Followers Without Trying

When you are a part of Twitter you want to have as many followers as possible. Of course when you want people to follow you, you need to follow people first. But when you follow people, they may not follow you.

What do you do? There is an easier way out – use your compelling articles that your post to your website regularly. How do you do it? You sign up with Twitterfeed. Read my article on Twittefeed at:

Twitterfeed and OpenID

and make arrangement with the site to bookmark your article at Twitter on a regular basis. If you write an article a day you inform Twitterfeed to bookmark Twitter every 24 hours. When you tweet on a regular basis people are attracted by your articles and after reading a few of your interesting articles they are inclined to follow you.

As I post one article per day it is bookmarked daily on Twitter. I get followers every day. Of course, do remember when others follow you; you follow them so that everyone is happy.

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