Thursday, February 26, 2009

Article Writing and

There is a lot we can learn from (the world’s most popular place to find articles on How To instructions on just about everything) on writing compelling articles.

Let’s study their successful formula:

1. Title: All their article titles start with ‘How to….’ We are all interested in:

How to make money on the web

How to lose weight

How to be beautiful

How to be successful in life

How to….

The list is endless. Their article titles attract attention; make you want to read the content.

2. Introduction: Like any good article there is an introductory paragraph that brings you to the gist of the article.

3. Instructions: These are actually the essence of an article. The main ideas make up a powerful article and they are matching to the article title. They are given in bullet points called ‘steps’ in their articles.

4. Tips and Warnings: This is actually the ending paragraph of an article calling readers to take action. A good ending gives you more tips and motivates you to act.

The way an article is presented in is actually a perfect way to present a normal article. The fact that it has a Traffic Rank of 468 and a PageRank of 7/10 speak for the site’s popularity and its quality articles. In addition, Simon & Schuster / The Free Press have published 4 books with some of their best "how to" instructions.

Do not just read the articles; the best part is that you can contribute your very own how- to articles as well. I do.

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