Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Engaging New Staff - 3 Vetting and Screening Tips

When you are happy and satisfied to employ someone after an interview, take one step further to do a proper vetting and screening before you send out the appointment letter.

Failure to do so will incur the following consequences:

• Employee fraud
• Damage to company’s image
• Possible litigation
• Theft of vital business information
• High cost of staff turnover

Here are the three tips:

1. Check and verify original personal identification document and other documents: When a potential employee cannot produce his or her original personal identification card you should be suspicious especially when there is no police report lodged for the missing identity card.

2. Reference checks: Check all references with all his or her previous employers to ensue that the information supplied matches with actual history. Ask the former employer why the candidate left the company. Ask for his or her strengths at work and working habits. It is also a good idea to check the candidate’s financial status.

3. Refer to the police: It is to make sure that you are not hiring someone with a criminal record with the police department.

Proper employee vetting is essential to avoid potential disaster in the company,

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