Thursday, February 19, 2009

Girls – 10 Safety Tips to Look After Yourselves

Image of a girl from China Press
Young girls must always beware of those people closest to them, especially those newly acquainted. They could be your nightmare and they may leave a permanent scar in your life. Have you heard of “date rape” and “acquaintance rape”? Check out the following safety tips:

1. Always think safety: When you are not comfortable with the person or you think the location of the meeting/interview is not suitable, don’t go.

2. Notify your family members or your close friends: Keep your parents posted about the person, the place and the time of the meeting. It does not matter you know the person very well. Be very careful in meeting someone you get to know through cell phone or from the Internet. Go with a companion.

3. Places to avoid: Avoid places where alcoholic beverages are served. Furthermore, romantic places like beaches, mountains and the country sides are dangerous spots. Do not enter his house alone especially his bedroom.

4. Avoid situational changes: It is supposed to be meeting for just two of your but now there is a whole group of them and you don't know them. Get away from such a situation to avoid gang rape.

5. Mind your dressing: Dress conservatively. Don't think that you are sexy and you can over expose yourself. Don't ever ask for troubles.

6. Time to go home: Do not allow the meeting to end very late at night. Always make prior arrangement with your parents to take you home.

7. Your beauty is your weakest spot: Don’t think that you are stunning and sexy you allow flattery to get the better of you. Be on guard, when people are trying to talk sweetly to you.

8. Say “No”: There is no misbehavior when a male respect a female. When his behavior is unbecoming you always say “no”.

9. Equip yourself: Keep the following items handy in your bag - spray, pocket knife, whistle and other devises that can be used to protect yourself.

10. Engage and delay: When you are unfortunate enough to be in a desperate situation, try to delay by agreeing to have sex but request for a change of venue. Be calm and talk to the other person and find ways to escape.

Girls, always be alert. Do not allow curiosity to overcome your senses and if you do, you will regret your whole life.


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