Saturday, February 14, 2009

Coffee – Health Benefits

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I am a regular and moderate coffee drinker. I take one cup with my breakfast and another cup to go with a light snack before I go to bed. Believe me; it doesn’t interfere with my sleep. I have been doing it for years. It’s wonderful to know that drinking coffee has so many health benefits. Let me share with you:

1. Alzheimer’s disease: A study by Finnish and Swedish researchers showed that middle-aged people who drink moderate amount of coffee significantly reduce their risk of developing Alzheimer’s disease.

2. Antioxidants: Coffee contains a lot of antioxidants that starve off cancer, heart disease, diabetes and stroke.

3. Parkinson’s disease: The presence of caffeine helps reduce the risk of Parkinson’s disease. Caffeine also helps in treating asthma and headaches.

4. Physical performance: Substantial research has concluded that caffeine does improve physical performance and reduce fatigue.

5. Mental performance: Drinking coffee helps improve alertness, attention and wakefulness. Coffee also helps in short term memory.

6. Promote Digestion: The presence of caffeine induces the secretion of stomach acids which help improve digestion. Coffee also stimulates peristalsis (wavelike contractions that move food thorough the digestive tract) which helps prevent constipation. It is also a diuretic.

It’s such a delightful way to start a new day with a cup of coffee. Are you a regular coffee drinker? Let’s drink it moderately to our health.

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