Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Meaningful Goals not Resolutions for 2011


This is the time of the year that people make resolutions to coincide with the New Year. This year do things differently and effectively. Instead of doing resolutions, go for achievable and sustainable goals. Here are the reasons why:

  • Wish list: Yearly New Year resolutions are more like a wish list. It is more or less the same items year in and year out with no success in sight. You are too ambitious and the list is too long and after the New Year your enthusiasm dies down.

  • Replacing bad habits with good ones: It is more likely than not that the resolutions are to replace bad habits with good ones like getting up early and managing weight. Doing too many things  at the same time is too much to cope and sure to fail

  • Goals: Goals are long-term objectives and not just for a year. It is written so that you can view it every now and then. Your goals are meaningful because it is crafted according to your interests and passion. It is achievable in accordance  with a time frame of your choice

  • One thing at a time: You adopt one good habit at a time. The fist small step is your giant step. As an example, you start by reading one page a day. Develop it into a good daily habit and then gradually you read more pages every day. 

  • Review yearly: Instead of doing resolutions for the New Year, you review your performance at the end of each year. Are you meeting your objectives?  Do you need to modify your goals? Celebrate your achievements and work smarter to reach your objectives if you are falling short.

Establish your goals and start the New Year with a bang. Break down your goals into yearly objectives, monthly and daily tasks. Start small, go slow, do less and achieve more.  Wish you a successful New Year.

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