Friday, December 3, 2010

Do More Be Successful

Do more

There are things in life that get better when you do more often. However, be warned that you are not supposed to go to the extreme and ignore taking breaks and having enough sleep. Here are the things you need to do more because you have done little.

  • Go to new places more: It is refreshing and mind-boggling to visit new places. Look and observe the fascinating places and people and compare to your own life at home. Be inspired.

  • Meet more people: People are unique. By talking to more people you will learn a thing or two. Get the insights of others to understand people better.

  • Read more: Read widely especially magazines and articles not relating to your field of expertise. Get ideas and learn how others solve problems in their own area of work and what you can learn and apply at your workplace.

  • Think more: To think more is to be more creative. Think of new ideas and better ways of doing things.  The more you work your brain the better it gets.

  • More optimistic outlook: Be more upbeat about the future. The way to go is to set challenging goals and work hard at it. Do your daily tasks and see yourself getting nearer and nearer to achieving your goals in life.

  • Do more of what you are good at: As an example, I am a writer and I write every day. I have found that the more I write the better it gets. The most important thing is to hone your skills to scale new height.

  • Exercise more: This is an area that you are doing too little. Daily exercise means more energy, more calmness and concentration at work. You will work better under stress.

  • Listen more: The more you listen the more you learn. The person who is talking to you is also happy that you are paying attention. Talk less and listen more is the way to understand others better.
  • Be more flexible: Be more open-minded to changes in life. Things are evolving and we have to be adaptive in order to be competitive.

  • Learn more skills: When you can acquire more skills, it means you are able to contribute more as an employee. Your job will be more secured and you are a more valuable staff.

  • Go slow more often: When you go slow more often in life, you appreciate, value, observe, learn and understand more. You drive more slowly to value human lives. You read more slowly to understand and learn more. You observe nature more when you do not hurry through. Go slow more to work better and get less stress and fewer mistakes.

  • Save more: Inflation and low bank interest rates are eroding your purchasing power. Save more and invest wisely to grow your money is the way to go.

  • Get more peace of mind: Wanting less is getting more peace of mind. When you want more you spend more and you crave for even more. The other thing is not to recall too much of past memories. They are death and gone and there is nothing you can do about it. Live in the present, do your best and enjoy what you do to create a better future.
Be successful, do more of the things which are good for you.

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