Thursday, December 30, 2010

Be Healthy Be Alive

Be Healthy be alive

Health is more than just physical fitness; it is a healthy way of life. It can be achieved by having a balanced diet, positive mentality and enjoying emotional and spiritual well-being apart from being physically active.

Balanced diet:

•       Avoid acidic food: When your diet consists mainly of meat, eggs, dairy and other highly acidic foods you are likely to be attracted to cancer. Instead consumed more alkaline foods such as fresh vegetables and fruits.
·         Drink water: Two thirds of our body weight is made up of water. In fact our brain is made up of 75% water. You need to drink enough water to be hydrated. The proper functioning of our body depends on water. You need around  1.5 - 2 litres of water every day
·           Eat breakfast: Breakfast provides the energy for you to start a new day. Eat more often at regular intervals but less to promote metabolism. Eat slowly and enjoy your food and don’t watch TV or read newspapers while eating.


·         3 S’s of total fitness. It is about doing aerobic exercise to promote your stamina, stretching your body to gain suppleness and doing weight lifting to improve your strength.
·         Taking breaks: Even a machine cannot work non-stop, it needs to be serviced regularly to avoid breaking down. Taking  breaks is to release tension and regain your energy so that you can work better
·         Sleep: Sleep deprivation will curtail your energy and concentration. You will also not be able to perform with full attention.
·         Power naps: Taking a nap in the afternoon is beneficial to your health. A ‘power nap’ reduces  stress, improves alertness and cognitive functioning


·         Be mindful: It means you are living in the moment, thinking of the task at hand and nothing else. You are calm and composed
·         Positive mental attitude: Looking at things on the bright and hopeful of the future affect  health positively


·         Stress control: To manage your time effectively is to minimize your stress. Proper Planning and organizing are a great way to get things done smoothly with the least problems.
·         Relaxation: Listen to classical music is one effective way to unwind and relax. How do you relax?
·         Meditation: It is a wonderful way to declutter your mind, reduce stress and get peace of mind.
·         Inner peace: There are no guilt feelings and worries as long as you are morally right. The key is not to cheat or betray others of the trust in you.


·         Promote positive emotions: Fill your heart with love, forgiveness and kindness. Be happy and be cheerful Positive emotions enhance good health and good health attracts positive emotions. 


·         Away from the traffic: Live in a place away from heavy traffic so that you can sleep well at night without being disturbed. The key is to avoid noise pollution
·         Away from polluted air: Stay away from industrial areas and garbage dumps.  Live close to nature is the best way to promote a healthy life.  
·         Away from second- hand smoke: To avoid second-hand tobacco smoke is to avoid getting disease, cancer and death.

Health and fitness which money cannot buy, is the best thing you can have in life.
Be healthy and lead an active and happy life.

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