Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Active Ingredients of Happiness


You can be happy when you decide to do so. However, lasting happiness consists of so many things. The combination of all these factors will make happiness meaningful, long lasting and memorable.

  • Health and fitness: Happiness is more than free from illnesses. It is about robust health and fitness. You are energetic, calm and composed. You are ready to perform at your best and work under stressful situations. The key is to exercise daily such as walking and jogging

  • Sufficient income: Money does bring happiness. To live decently and happily, you need sufficient amount of money to cover household expenses, children’s education and savings to meet emergency situations and old age.   

  • Meaningful work: Do work that you are interested in and good at so that you are happy at work.

  • Be truthful: A guilt-free feeling contributes to inner happiness. You don’t cheat, lie or betray the trust of others in you and there is nothing for you to hide from others.

  • Supportive people: Happiness is the assurance that there are people that you can trust and count on. Be connected and keep in touch with people you care for each other.

  • Be creative: Creativity gets you ahead in life because your ideas are unique and original. You are pleased and happy with your innovations.

  • Peace of mind: Peace of mind and happiness go hand in hand, you can’t have one without the others. All the points mentioned in this article contribute to your peace of mind and happiness.

  • Something to look forward to in life. Happiness is working diligently on your goals and expecting good things to happen. Life is hopeful.

  • Be contented: Appreciate what you have and be happy. Wants can never be satisfied and it is one of the causes of unhappiness.

  • Positive thoughts: It is from your heart and mind. Be cheerful, confident and hopeful instead of feeling glooms and doom.

  • Be mindful: Live in the present, this is the only time you can do your best, not in the past or the future. Don’t regret the past or worry about the future, live now, work hard and smart and be happy.

  • Meditate: It gives you inner peace, calmness and delightfulness.

  • Be with nature: Go the beach, be in the country, take a walk by the river or go to the mountain. The most important thing is to embrace and appreciate nature. The awesome beauty of nature will promote happiness in you. 

  • Harmonious home life: There is no happiness in life if your home life is missing. Spend quality time with family members and bring them happiness and in turn there will be happiness at home and in you. 

  • Ask for it: In life if you don’t ask for it, there is no way to get what you want. When you ask, you stand a good change of getting it. Happiness is getting what you have asked for such as a pay rise.

  • Solve problems: Life is full of problems. Happiness is to take the bull by the horns and solve problems there and then resourcefully.

  • Be successful: Success brings you happiness and satisfaction. You determine what success means to you. As for me, I am successful when more and more readers are subscribing to my feed to read my daily article. It means my articles are able to provide solutions to problems in life.

  • As an early riser: It is more than a good habit, it is a great motivator that you can get up and start a new day way ahead of others. You feel great about yourself. Start a new day early and you don’t have to rush about and get tensed up.

  • Continuous learning; It is a joy to read and learn. Learning stimulates the mind and expands your knowledge. You will be more resourceful in getting things done.

  • Forgive and forget: You can’t be happy if you hold grudges against others. The thought of revenge can only hurt yourself and nobody else.

  • Random acts of kindness: Look for the good in others and pay complement. Say please and thank you. You lift the mood of the other person and you feel good about yourself.
Happiness is doing the right things, behaving the right way and thinking of positive thoughts.  


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  1. Charles - I totally agree with all your ingredients of happiness, but I really agree being contented and learning how to forgive and forget are two essentials to living a happy life.

    Everybody wants more in life, but those who appreciate what they already have will live a much less stress lifestyle. And who wants to be mad all the time about something that happened a long time ago.

    Letting things go and forgiving will almost immediately turn things around for the better in your life.


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