Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Add Happiness to What You do Every Day

Add happiness to your life

Life is delightful when you add a dose of happiness in your everyday activities. You will make a positive and pleasant difference.

  1. When you wake up in the early morning: Welcome a new day with cheerfulness. Wake up full of hope and feel good about yourself. Happiness will strengthen your positive outlook in life and let you live more confidently. 

  1. When you have your breakfast: You enjoy your food better with a happy mood and a light heart. A nutritious breakfast will kick start a new day with zest and high energy in you.

  1. When you are on the way to work: Be upbeat so that you will drive carefully and alertly. Happiness will beat boredom when you are caught in crawling traffic.

  1. When you are at the workplace: Happiness promotes calmness and concentration at work so that you work mindfully and produce quality work.

  1. When you are with your co-workers: Give your co-workers a big smile and bring happiness to them too. A positive mood will lubricate relationships among co-workers.

  1. When you face a problem: When you are happy you are optimistic to find solutions to problems. A relaxed mind will be more creative to generate problem-solving ideas

  1. When you take a break: You will be more than happy to take a break in between tasks each time when a job is done.

  1. When you wrap up your work for the day: When you look at your completed to-list you are satisfied and happiness comes naturally to you.

  1. When you exercise: Happiness and health are closely related.  Happiness will promote good health and exercise will bring you health, fitness and happiness all together.

  1. When you slow down: Do not hurry through life and be stressful. Slow down and appreciate life with focus. Observe nature the way that you have not done before and been thrilled

  1. When you are with your family: When you are happy you shower more happiness on your family members. This is a home sweet home.

  1. When you call it a day: In the evening you will cherish that it has been a happy and productive day. The thought of it will  bring you more cheers

  1. When you are in bed: You are pleased that it has been a great day and you are looking forward to another happy day. When you think of it, you will sleep soundly, sweetly and happily.

Always remember to add happiness in your daily life because the time to be happy is now, not yesterday or tomorrow and the place to be happy is here, not somewhere in your memory or a distant land.


  1. Very nice list. My fav idea to become happy in the morning is to stir my coffee and then add just a bit of milk and watch it pulsing into a galaxy shape. Every time it's different and every time it makes me calm as I think that "universe works well and in its own pulse" ;)

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