Thursday, December 9, 2010

Work Smart Be Effective

Work smart

Working smart is working less and getting more things done. It is about advance planning and working effectively on the most important tasks and nothing else.

  • Plan ahead: Take time to plan your work ahead. This is time well spent to organize the tasks. Work gets done smoothly without wasting time.

  • Do the most important tasks of the day: Check your to-do list and do the one or two tasks which matter the most to you. As soon as the tasks are done, the rest of the day can be used to do jobs which are not demanding.  

  • Start early: Be an early riser and start the day earlier than others. Get things done with a fresh mind and full of energy with no disturbances.

  • Mindful at work: Pay full attention to the task at hand. Do not allow the mind to wonder about. The most important thing is not to allow unsolved problems to disturb your peace of mid and concentration.

  • Take deserving breaks: Being productive is not working non-stop. Take breaks to work better and produce more. A deserving break allows you to relax, clear the clutter in your mind and to renew your energy.

  • Be adaptable to changes: Make changes to work more efficiently and effectively. Making use of advancements in technology to make your life easier.

  • Learn from past mistakes: Be wiser and smarter by avoiding making the same mistakes.

  • One job at a time: Your mind can only focus on one thing at a time. If you keep changing from one job to another, your brain will get tired easily and cannot concentrate. You make more mistakes by multitasking and it is more stressful.

Working smart is the effective way to be productive

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  1. Charles - Really great tips on getting more things done by working smart. Particularly when you talked about working on one job at a time.

    Work overload is the number one thing that fatigues most people when they're trying to get things done. Instead of trying to multitask and stressing yourself out you should just take it one job at a time.

    I find you'll get a lot more done once you focus on one thing at a time.


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