Saturday, December 4, 2010

Why you are bored


You are bored and feeling listless; you don’t know what to do. It leads to indecision and procrastination. The following factors contribute to boredom:

  • No challenging goals: The main reason for boredom is that you do not have a direction in life. You don’t know where to go and what to do, you are just drifting. As soon as you set meaningful goals for yourself, you are motivated to reach you objectives. When there is a direction that is meaning in life and life is full of hope and excitement

  • Unhappy at work: The other reason why you are bored is that you are not happy at work. You do not get satisfaction out of your work. Perhaps what you do is not in alignment with your interests and passion in life. Look for a job that you are interested in and you are good at. Enjoy what you do and be happy. When the job is meaningful to you it is no longer boring.

  • No advance planning for daily activities: When you do not have goals in life, there is no way to plan your daily life. It leads to boredom. Your daily tasks are closely linked to your goals. When you have planned and organized your day, you are challenged and motivated to get things done to accomplish your daily tasks.

  • No particular interest or passion: It is important to find out what inspires you. When you find something interesting you will soon develop a passion for it. You will look forward to each new day eagerly to do what you like.

  • Not mindful: When you are bored your attention is constantly shifting. As an example, you keep switching from one channel to another and in the end you have watched no program at all.  Devote your attention to what you do and allow your mind to concentrate on the task at hand. Do not think of something else.

  • Too much negative impact: TV and newspapers impact you negatively. With all the bad news sensationalized by the media you will be influenced to conclude that life is meaningless. So, you will find that there is no kick in whatever you do.

  • Negative thoughts: Dwell on your shortcomings will weaken you will-power and your confidence to perform your best. Erase the negative thoughts in your mind and think more of what you are capable of. When you feel good about yourself you will appreciate more of what you can do. Life does not suck any more.
When there is a goal, there is hope and life is no longer boring when you expect good things to happen.

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