Friday, December 31, 2010

Treasure Life Live Positively

Treasure life

Recently, there was a 22-year young man who left a suicide note on Facebook and went about coolly and took away his own precious life. What are the problems that make people especially young ones to go to the extreme? I can think of the following major causes:

·         Rejected in love: When someone does not wish to carry on a relationship, it does not mean that you are no good.  It is only that he or she does not appreciate you and accept you as what you are. You have your strengths and weaknesses like everyone else. All you need to do is to look for someone who is able to look for the good in you and accept you totally. There is nothing wrong with you. You don’t have to take away your own life when someone finds you incompatible.

·         Unhappy at work: It is important to take responsibility into your own hand to create your own happiness. Find out what you are good at and develop further. Identify your bad habits and replace them with good ones. The most important issue is doing things that you enjoy and you are good at and interested in. Change yourself before you change your job

·         Boredom and emptiness: This is a concern for young people as they have not established their goals in life. They are just drifting along aimlessly. Be inspired and follow your dreams and conceive ideas to pursue your passion. Set goals, plan, organize and go forward boldly to reach your objectives. Be resilient in the face of setbacks and problems.

·        Gambling debt: This is one big bad habit and drives people to take away their own lives when they are unable to manage and settle a gambling debt. The only way is to avoid gambling right from the beginning. Just remember gamblers are no winners

·         Critical illnesses: It is sad to succumb to a serious illness. You may seek medical attention but you need to be strong, determined and be positively minded in order to heal successfully.  Get support from friends and relatives, read motivational quotes and articles and look at the bright side of things.

You only live once. Just do the best you can with what you have in life. Life may not be fair but it does not mean that you cannot live a happy and meaningful life. Go ahead and enjoy life and live the way you want

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