Saturday, January 1, 2011

Be Smart Be a Blogger

Be a Blogger

You are encouraged to start a blog if you haven’t got one. After blogging for more than three years, I have discovered many good things as a blogger. Let me elaborate:

Sharpen your writing skills: As I have promised myself to write and post an article a day and I have been doing it so far. This daily habit helps me to improve my writing over the years. The more you write the better will be your writing skills. There will be more substance in your content. Write and post daily to hone your skills in writing

Know more about the blogosphere: Get to learn and know about HTML, SEO, keywords, statistics, blog directories, article directories, niche topic, guest posting, comments and many more.

Better skills in writing headlines: You can write impactful headlines easily. Let me share a secret with you. To develop the skills of writing headlines go to Headline Analyzer and check the effectiveness of your article titles. Fine tune each headline and get close to 100% as far as possible. As an example my article title, Are Busy People Effective, recorded a score of 100%. emotional marketing value.

Getting effective links: One sure way to get genuine links to your blogs is to join blog carnivals. Send your articles and participate in relevant carnivals and see your incoming links growing every day. Incoming links are good for your PageRank

The power of social media: Get connected with people at Facebook, follow and be followed others on Twitter and network with people who share the same profession at LinkedIn. It is quick and easy. The best thing is that you connect and direct traffic to your blog

Be more knowledgeable: The world is at your finger tips. Find out everything you want to learn and know on the Net such as breaking news, current trend, tips and information on all subjects.

The degree of your success on the Net: The best thing about blogging is that you know where you stand among other bloggers. All you need to do is to check your blog’s Traffic Rank. At the moment there are more than 150 million blogs . Is your blog among the top 1% or 0.1 %? Is your blog accorded a PageRank by Google? What is your blog’s Technorati Authority? How many feed subscribers do you have? How many readers are e-mail subscribers? Are there followers on your blog? These are measurement of your success in blogging. It is interesting and challenging.

Article writing and blogging are exciting, rewarding and a fun thing to do. Start blogging today.


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