Saturday, January 22, 2011

Be Joyful Be Simple

Be Joyful Be Simple

There is a glass panel in my office. It is facing a green field, a river and the blue sky. It is a feast for the eyes by just looking outside to relieve the tired eyes after gluing too long to the PC. It is also a joy to appreciate nature by looking at the passing boats in the river and the changing pattern of the clouds in the sky and not to mention the trees in the field. You can discover joy in your everyday life. The secret is in doing things that you find joyful and meaningful.

  • Do less: Don’t cram a day with too many things to do. Just do one important task which gives you the greatest satisfaction. Take your time to do the rest or do it in another day. Do less to avoid stress and be more productive.  

  • Be less: Remove unwanted items in your house. 80% of your time you only use 20% of the things such as clothes you wear, reference books you refer, kitchen utensils you use. Less clutter means more spacious and peaceful living 

  • Joy at work:: As a writer it is a joy and an accomplishment for me to write an article a day. It is also a challenge because there are days that I have no ideas to write the next articles. Do you find happiness in what you do every day?

  • As an early riser: Getting up early is like getting ahead of others in a brand new day. Every morning you are inspired to see the transformation of total darkness to bright daylight. It is such a good feeling to start a new day early.

  • Jogging: In the evening, I jog around a football field. It is a way to be with nature for more fresh air and sunshine. The simple exercise releases tension and calms your mind. What do you do to lead an active life and be happy

  • Power nap: A nap on a Sunday afternoon is a great pleasure. It restores your energy, refreshes your mind and it does not interfere with your sleep at night. You are geared to face the week ahead of you zestfully.

  • Reading:  Get rid of unproductive activities. Avoid doing things that are not meaningful such as surfing the Net aimlessly or watching TV all night long. It drains your energy and tires your body. Instead, read books and articles to enrich your mind. Be enlightened and be motivated. I read a few pages at night before I hit the bed.


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