Thursday, January 13, 2011

How to Make Decisions Effectively

Make decisions effectively

Facing with too many choices and options, it is, sometimes, difficult to make a wise decision.  Fear no more, here are the steps you can take to arrive at the best course of action:

  • Objective: The most important thing is to find out right from the beginning your intentions and purposes. The rest of the steps  will be guided  by the goals in mind. As an example, you want to embank on a course of study leading to a degree in IT integrates with commercial subjects. By stating your aims clearly, you will make a better choice in your action steps.     

  • Time: The shorter the time the better it is to get things done. The longer it takes the more it will wear out your enthusiasm and endurance to complete a task. As an example you will choose to study a relevant course in the shortest possible time. As you know time is money.

  • Cost: The choice should be cost effective. You will derive the greatest benefits from among the options. In the example of choosing a degree course you will find one as close as possible or even better than what you want to study with the least outlay. 

  • Means: In the same example, you need to choose an institution of higher learning to realize your objective. An institution with the highest ranking and cater to your needs is the best choice. In another example, in order to carry out a task, you need to choose the right tools to get the job done effectively. 

  • Ability: You know your objectives and you have worked out the shortest possible time frame and the lowest possible cost with the best method to get a thing done. The next step is to ask yourself: Are you capable of reaching your goals? You need to focus on your objectives, work hard and smart at it, as in the example of doing a course of study. Can you complete the course fully and successfully?  

  • Review: At regular intervals it is necessary to find out whether you are on track and getting closer to the desired results. Do you need to make changes or modify your objectives? Life is full of uncertainties and we need to make adjustment accordingly.

Are the steps helping you to make better decisions? Do you have more ideas? Please share with us. 


  1. Very motivational and informative article :),thanks for sharing

  2. I am glad that you like my article. Thanks.


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