Saturday, January 15, 2011

Be Free Be happy

Be free be happy

It is a state of mind to be free and happy. It means your mind is 100% on the task at hand at work or totally having fun at play. How do you feel free and enjoy peace of mind?  Here are the tips:

·         Be mindful: Live in the moment, be free from the past. Do not allow regrets, setbacks, blunders ,guilt-feeling and failures of the past to be present. Plan and organize ahead to be free from future worries. Enjoy what you do so that your mind is fully focus on the activity at hand

·         Clutter-free living: Get rid of unwanted things in your house. Create more space and allow positive energy to flow freely. You are not restricted and constrained in a clutter-free home.

·         Do less: Having a to-do list is living an organized life. However, a short list allows you to achieve more by doing just a few of the important tasks. You are free from unnecessary stress of getting more done within limited time

·         Go slow: Work a little slower to be free from making mistakes and get more done. Drive slower to be safe and free from accidents. Eat slowly to enjoy your food and free from indigestion.

·         Free form negatives emotions: You are a slave to thoughts of getting even, holding grudges, feeling of anger, resentment and jealousy.  Your mind is free when you are kind, generous and forgiving.

·          Solve problems: Problems restrict your freedom. There will be problems. Adopt a problem-solving attitude to build your self-confidence. You cannot be free when there are outstanding problems bothering you.

·         Meditation: To meditate is to promote calmness and relaxation. Meditation trains your mind to be free from clutter  and live in the present.

·         Less wants:  It means less financial commitments and free from the woes of incurring debt. You avoid sleepless nights and harassment from people after you for the long outstanding amount   when the debt is allowed to accumulate beyond your management.

Getting away from the past and future, living in the present, solving problems and wanting less are the ways to be free and happy.

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