Tuesday, January 4, 2011

10 Effective and Easy Ways to Reduce Stress

 The truth is that stress doesn't come from your boss, your kids, your spouse, traffic jams, health challenges, or other circumstances. It comes from your thoughts about these circumstances.

Andrew J. Bernstein

Work can be stressful. It is in your best interest to minimize stress and look after your well-being.
Here are some practical and effective ways to reduce stress and be productive:

  1. Plan and organize: Spending some time to plan ahead and organizing your work are the most effective way to combat stress. Proper planning and organizing allow you to perform productively within limited time.

  1. Start a new day early: You are at your peak energy and your mind is fresh in the morning. It is good to start early to do the most important task without being disturbed or interrupted. When the job is done to your satisfaction, you take a deserving break while your co-workers have just started to arrive.

  1. To-do list: It is a good habit to carry a to-do list and act accordingly. Do first thing first such as assignments with deadlines and urgent projects from your boss.

  1. Take breaks: Taking a break is to reward yourself each time a job is completed. It is also a good thing to allow your mind to relax and clear the clutter and to restore your energy. Have a cup of coffee.

  1. Peace of mind: Peace of mind allows you to work calmly and mindfully with full concentration. You perform at your best when you are focused

  1. One task at a time: Do not multitask. You mind can only attend to one thing at a time. Constant shifting from one job to anther tires the mind easily and you are more likely to make mistakes and cause further delay in your work. More haste means less speed.

  1. Have your breakfast: You need energy to start a new day right. Have an energy-packed breakfast such as oatmeal.

  1. Exercise: You spend energy to get more energy. Regular exercise such as jogging promotes fitness and stamina so that you can perform well under stressful situations.

  1. Too much to cope: When you are productive and yet the workload is still too much to cope, it is time to talk to your boss to address the situation. Arrive at a win-win solution to reduce your workload and keep your job.

  1. Learn to unwind: After a hard day at work, it is time to do your favorite thing to relax your mind and body. Meditate, massage, listen to music or just do nothing and think of nothing.

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