Thursday, January 6, 2011

Effective Ways to Lead


A leader is a manager but a manager may not be a leader. The difference lies in the way you lead others. What are the most effective ways to lead? Check out the following:

  • Technical skills: Are you competent in the area of your expertise? People will follow your direction and take your advice willingly without you showing your authority if you are knowledgeable and an expert on the subject. Solving their problems is one marvelous way to earn their respect.  

  • People skills: Ask and not order, don’t follow an authoritarian attitude. People do not like to take orders. They may obey your orders but they are not pleased inside their hearts. You can get things done by asking: Do you think you can do this? Can you get this done? Say please and thank you.

  • Communicate and listen: Seek comments and suggestions. Be open-minded and implement good ideas. They will take ownership of their ideas and get things done enthusiastically. It is a win-win situation. You are happy that things get done and the workers are willing to do it wholeheartedly.

  • Treat the staff the right way: Be fair to all. You will lose the trust and respect of the workers if you practice favoritism. It is the fastest way to kill staff morale and hamper productivity. Do remember to criticize in private and praise in public. The best way is to catch them doing something right and pay compliment. It is a great way to motivate the staff.

  • Lead by example: Workers follow what you do. They are observant. Don’t be late when you preach for punctuality. Be reliable to deliver what you have promised to do.

  • Delegate: People feel that they are being trusted when they are given more authority and responsibilities. You develop and groom them to be future leaders. They will be  delighted because you take an active interest in  their career

  • Do not be complacent: Take proactive action to make changes to meet the challenges of changing conditions. Be noticed and respected by others that you are creative and able to get ahead and stay ahead.

As a leader the most important thing is able to get things done through others willingly, successfully and effectively. According to Dwight D. Eisenhower, leadership is the art of getting someone else to do something that you want get done because he wants to do it.

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